Travel Agency

“Your enjoyment is our passion”

We are a young and dynamic travel agency, always looking for new solutions to satisfy your desire of travelling. At our agency you will find professionalism and courtesy of our operators together with the right skills and competences.

We will plan your trip with you in order to realize your dreams, to live your emotions, to have fun and relax, to discover new worlds and cultures. Your travel must be perfect in every detail and designed according to all your needs and desires.

Our staff will offer you solutions for every travel need, from individual to group travel trips, for outgoing and incoming proposals. The incoming department is able to offer any solution for customers traveling from abroad to Italy.

The philosophy of our group is perfectly represented by the constant research of emotions that can satisfy any need expressed by the customer. This is our mission, which characterizes all our work: the selection of accommodation, the relationship with the distribution network, from the customer service to the final customer.

Our travel agency main purpose is to make the customer live the "travel according to FLY AWAY": an amusing, comfortable vacation, away from the stress of everyday life; an opportunity to meet curiosity and interests under the most diverse perspectives, to discover new places, habits and customs; an experience that, regardless of the purchase value, offers excitement to those who choose it.



1. The vacation is a right, and our business goes beyond designing and distributing catalogues filled with beautiful photos: create a vacation package is a great responsibility. We take care of your free time.

2. Working every day with responsibility, seriousness, professionalism and transparency. The reputation is our most valuable asset.

3. Consulting and professional approach in the purchase of a holiday: we offer you our experience and our enthusiasm.

4. Customer satisfaction will be the first target and we believe we can reach it by ensuring the best quality of our services. For this reason we constantly evaluate the  customer satisfaction, starting from the smiles we receive and the results of objective analysis certified by external specialists.

5. Our holiday packages are relevant to the needs of the travellers. There is no perfect holiday for everyone but there is a specific holiday for each customer.

6. Our company aims at a sustainable growth and a bright future to all the partners of the Group.

“Your enjoyment is our passion”: this is our slogan.





Intermediary activity of tourist packages

It represents one of the three departments of activity developed by FLYAWAY srl: specifically the group is specialized in the intermediary activity of tourist packages produced by tour operators.

The intermediary activity consists of selling organized travel packages and single services realized by different producers (suppliers of travel agencies): tour operators, accommodation, railways, airlines, car rental companies, etc.

It is important to underline also that this activity does not involve the purchase of the packages on their own, but only the right to sell them through an "agency contract." This means we have to sell services at the price set by the supplier without adding a mark-up; it will then be allowed to deduct an agency fee (commission) previously established with the supplier (tour operators, etc. ...).

In some cases, however, the intermediary activity of travel packages can also provide some extra services such as insurance for the trip and for the luggage, luggage delivery and personal effects, assistance in obtaining visas and passports, currency exchange, etc.




(tour organizer)

It is the enterprise department that carries out the production of travels and other tourist services  “on its own " on specific customer’s demand.

It can often occur that clients are not interested in buying the trips included in the catalogues of tour operators, but they ask the travel agency to create a personalized product. For this reason, the travel operators have high technical and professional skills to meet the needs expressed by the customers.

The staff of this department focuses its attention in turning an ordinary trip into an extraordinary experience, this does not mean just choosing a destination and a program, but above all we have to interpret the needs of the tourist group or individual tour participants, listening to them, giving them plenty of time so that we can find the right location, the right program, the right logistics management in relation to their budget and their needs.


Our Incentive proposals use in many cases hotels and / or resorts also offered in a large scale, but they are enriched with personalized services. Programs, excursions, assistance, management of the secretarial activities, personalization in details, involvement of the guests and other specific aspects, which make the difference of our organization and management compared to the local competitors.



(Web agency)

This enterprise department is characterised exclusively by the tour packages offered directly on the Internet, proposing to customers packages or individual tourist services.

Our operators only manage a section of the website dedicated to online booking and online sale of travel packages and additional services, provided by the best Italian tour operators.

The intent and the challenge is to "do more", to "do better", so as to offer an additional service.

Today we face this new challenge and we are confident to overcome it with the seriousness and responsibility that distinguishes our agency.

We offer on-line tourist services and we are convinced that they can make the difference by presenting new elements, which are an innovation compared to those offered by our competitors.

As a matter of fact, our philosophy is based on innovation, expressed by the possibility of combining the offer of on-line tourist services and products with traditional travel agency assistance, as we still recognize its fundamental importance, that’s why we have created an agency of tourist services characterized by an integrated structure of different activities.