L'atelier de voyage!

(tour organizer)

It is the enterprise department that carries out the production of travels and other tourist services  “on its own " on specific customer’s demand.

It can often occur that clients are not interested in buying the trips included in the catalogues of tour operators, but they ask the travel agency to create a personalized product. For this reason, the travel operators have high technical and professional skills to meet the needs expressed by the customers.

The staff of this department focuses its attention in turning an ordinary trip into an extraordinary experience, this does not mean just choosing a destination and a program, but above all we have to interpret the needs of the tourist group or individual tour participants, listening to them, giving them plenty of time so that we can find the right location, the right program, the right logistics management in relation to their budget and their needs.

Our Incentive proposals use in many cases hotels and / or resorts also offered in a large scale, but they are enriched with personalized services. Programs, excursions, assistance, management of the secretarial activities, personalization in details, involvement of the guests and other specific aspects, which make the difference of our organization and management compared to the local competitors.