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Intermediary activity of tourist packages

It represents one of the three departments of activity developed by FLYAWAY srl: specifically the group is specialized in the intermediary activity of tourist packages produced by tour operators.

The intermediary activity consists of selling organized travel packages and single services realized by different producers (suppliers of travel agencies): tour operators, accommodation, railways, airlines, car rental companies, etc.

It is important to underline also that this activity does not involve the purchase of the packages on their own, but only the right to sell them through an "agency contract." This means we have to sell services at the price set by the supplier without adding a mark-up; it will then be allowed to deduct an agency fee (commission) previously established with the supplier (tour operators, etc. ...).

In some cases, however, the intermediary activity of travel packages can also provide some extra services such as insurance for the trip and for the luggage, luggage delivery and personal effects, assistance in obtaining visas and passports, currency exchange, etc.